Triphala – An Ayurvedic Miracle

India is the land of Ayurveda. Since ancient times natural herbs and ingredients are being used  at Indian homes. Ayurveda has now become a part of modern healthcare to treat numerous medical conditions. This has promoted easily availability of ayurvedic herbs in powder, liquid or tablet forms.

Hope this blog motivates you to begin using and experimenting Triphala – An Ayurvedic Miracle gifted to humanity. Start using the wisdom of Ayurveda on a day-to-day basis to create lifelong Health, Happiness and Prosperity for yourself and your family.

What is Triphala?

Triphala means Three Fruits. It is made up of three herbal ingredients: Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki.

It is found beneficial in all tri-doshas: Vatta, Pitta and Kafa as identified the health parameters in Ayurveda.

It’s believed that combining synergistic herbs results in extra therapeutic effectiveness and is a more powerful treatment than any one component taken alone.

Simple ways to start using Triphala

1. Triphala Herbal Tea

You may have tea made from this powder and drink it to feel hale and hearty. You can take a teaspoon of this churna and boil in water. Strain and drink. Add some honey for some taste if needed. You may safely consume this tea two to three times a day.

2. Face Pack

Now achieving a blemish-free glowing skin is not that difficult. All you need to do is use Triphala to feel radiant. You can take a spoonful of this powder and mix it nicely with some coconut oil. Apply liberally over your face and neck. Leave this pack for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will be soft, supple and with regular use, it will also become blemish-free.

3. Tiphala Eyewash

As stated above, Triphala is beneficial in keeping your eyes beautiful and healthy. You can also make eyewash using this churna. All you have to do it mix this powder in a glass of water and leave it overnight. In the morning, you can strain and use the water for washing your eyes to keep them healthy and safe from any kinds of infections.

4. Capsules and Tablets

Another option for people who cannot consume it in a powdered form is to take this herbal preparation in the form of tablets or capsules. There are many renowned herbal brands that make such capsules and tablets. Also, it is easier to consume Triphala in this form. 

However, ensure that you do not consume it is large amounts or else it may lead to complications. Combine Triphala with healthy active lifestyle for greater advantages.

Top 10 Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is used as a multi-purpose treatment from stomach disorders to improved eyesight. It is also believed to promote longevity and overall health. Research is underway to explore impact of Triphala in prevention and cure of cancer. Best way to consume is in Churana or Powder form.

1. Helpful in Weight Loss

Excess weight is one of the most common challange and also the foundation of many other health problems. Triphala could be an easier way. Taking Triphala churna (powder) aids the secretion of cholecystokinin in the body. Cholecystokinin is a hormone that is helpful in quickly signalling the brain that the stomach is full. This makes you feel fuller and also help you feel satiated. You can take a tablespoon of this churna two times a day with warm water to protect yourself from obesity issues. It is also effective in reducing excess belly fat.

2. Acts as a Detoxifier

The toxins in our body keep piling up as we keep eating unhealthy food items, and these toxins are responsible for making us sick. Therefore, it is important to detoxify our body and get rid of these harmful toxins. Triphala can be used to avail this health benefit too. This churna not only helps in getting rid of all the deadly toxins from your body but is also good for your skin by making it glow. You can make a decoction by mixing a tablespoon of this powder in a glass of water. Add crushed ginger and boil the decoction until it is reduced to half. Strain the decoction and add lemon juice. Drink when warm for maximum benefits. Ideally, this decoction should be had on an empty stomach; you may take this for at least a week to help your body get rid of the toxins.

3. Cures Digestive Issues

 If you are dealing with any kind of digestive issues, you can consume Triphala to feel better. This churna not only helps in easing the bowel movements but also regulates the bowel movements due to its laxative properties. If you’re feeling bloated, your tummy is feeling heavy, or you have loose motions, you can safely consume this powder in the morning with lots of water. This churna also takes care of your digestive health by strengthening rectal muscles, relieving flatulence and keeping the stomach clean.

4. Fighting Infections and Enhances Immunity

Consuming this powdered medicine is a great way of enhancing your immunity. The combination of three fruits is an effective herbal medicine in improving one’s immunity, thus protecting the body against infections that may be caused due to Staphylococcus bacteria, E.Coli etc. By aiding the blood circulation and nourishing the body with essential nutrients, Triphala helps the body in building a better immune system, which is also effective in protecting the body from various infections.

5. Beneficial for Eye Health

 This herbal remedy is a boon for the eyes and can be aptly called the tonic for maintaining good eye health. It not only helps in keeping your eyes healthy but it also aids in maintaining a sharp vision. Triphala is also effective in keeping various eye troubles or infections such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis, cataract etc. at bay. You may consume the churna orally, or you may use it as an eyewash to help soothe the eye infection. People who spend more time in front of their computer screens, phones or other such electronics may suffer from a condition known as ‘computer vision syndrome’. In a study, it has been proven that Triphala eye drops helped in reducing the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. You may soak 1 to 2 teaspoons of this churna in warm water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you may strain the water and wash your eyes with this water.

6. Helpful in Stimulating Hair Growth

There are many benefits of Triphala churna for hair, and one of the benefits includes stimulating hair growth. Therefore, if you are battling growth issues with your hair, Triphala may be your one-stop solution. You can either consume this herbal remedy orally or make a paste with this churna by adding some water and then applying it on your hair. Triphala is loaded with emollient properties, which are helpful in locking the moisture and thus preventing alopecia. The topical application or oral consumption, both help in aiding the hair growth.

7. Reducing Joint Pains and Uric Acid

If you are suffering from bone or joint pain, Triphala may offer the solution to your problem. This churna is effective in maintaining good bone health by providing ample nutrients to the body. It also aids flushing of excessive amounts of uric acid from the body, which is responsible for bone and joint inflammation. Whenever you experience a joint or bone pain such as gout, arthritis, joint pain etc., you may mix a teaspoon of this powder in some warm water and take this decoction to ease your pain.

8. Helpful in Managing Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, you may take Triphala to manage your blood sugar levels. This is an alternative treatment method that makes use of herbal remedies in balancing the sugar in the blood. This remedy not only regulates the sugar but it also aids in bringing it down and thus works as an effective treatment for managing diabetes.

9.  Helpful in Boosting Heart Health

Triphala acts as a tonic for your heart because it helps in improving or boosting heart health. This happens because by consuming this churna your blood circulation improves, your bad cholesterol goes down and your blood pressure gets regulated. Together all these factors help in improving the overall heart health and thus keeping the heart healthy. Therefore, in order to have good cardio health, you may like to give Triphala a try.

10. Skin Rejuvenation

Looking for baby soft and smooth skin? If yes, then look no further and opt for Triphala for a healthy skin glow and to obtain that unbeatable freshness. This churna has antioxidants in it, which helps in fighting various skin infections and also reduces acne-causing bacteria. If you have dry or flaky skin, you can benefit greatly by using Triphala because it has ample amounts of emollient properties that helps in keeping the skin soft and moist.
There are a thousand ways to integrate Triphala into your daily life. Try it for a few days to believe it. Share your experiences with Triphala.

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