The Train To A Better World…


Excusé moi monsieur, le train pour un monde meilleur..?

I recently found this picture question shared by a friend on FB. Written in the French language with a background picture of a small child holding his little luggage and a tall station master on a Railway platform. The question: Excuse me sir, the train for a better world..?
Although the photograph is in black and white representing early 20th century, the question remains critical even today. Are we looking for a better world? How many of us and people we know are really happy with our surrounding atmosphere and environment? Aren’t all of us searching for a better life than what we are leading today?
We are very much aware how we as humans have been influencing our life and planet. And undoubtedly we as an individual are a part of it directly or indirectly. Some of the destruction has passed on as a legacy to us and the rest we are creating each day.
“In search of a better world, we are constantly harming the existing world – physical and metaphysical.”
Even after ages, we are still searching for a better world, the train which can take us there… Many have been waiting for years; many have gone past physical bodies and still not found that better world. This brings us to an essential question: Does a better world really exist somewhere else? What if this young little boy would have found the train to a better world in the early twentieth century? Would he have been happier and healthier than we are? How long would he sustain the better world and not destroy it?
One of the many solutions: What needs to be changed is not the world but our role as a co-creator of this magnificent creation. We don’t need to search and wait for someone else to rescue us but question and understand our individual capabilities and responsibilities. We all have the inbuilt greatness and potential to manifest the world of our mental body into physical reality. We are authors of our own life, and it’s time we must only narrate the story we want to live.

If you don’t dream it, it cannot be done!

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