Reclaiming Health & Happiness

“Health and Happiness are your birth right. Reclaim them through Yoga (union).” – Swami Gitananda
Recall the last time when you were genuinely HAPPY, remember the natural smile you were holding form inside. A SMILE is supposed to be personalized and unique to each individual, just like fingerprints. The real smile could touch hearts, melt souls, dissolve pain, resolve issues and evoke bliss wherever it travels. A real smile is contagious. Interestingly, Smile is now limited to a few emoticons or textual phrases mostly for the digital world. Thanks to artificial intelligence we are now teaching robots how to smile like humans. That’s another skill we might lose soon due to lack of practice. 😀
The disparity of the real and reel world can be understood with a simple observation. The rare sight of shining stars in the eyes of deeply smiling people is now mostly found in digitally modified pictures of fashion photographers, Instagram posts, celebrity stars or dental clinics. Ironically, the smile which is supposed to be contagious evokes the emotions of sadness, jealousy and egoism into the observer. The reason being, to be contagious, each smile must be genuinely felt from deep within. 
You can test this yourself; compare two old pictures of yourself. The first picture of the happy occasion when you really enjoyed your time; and the second picture when you just faked a smile for photograph. When something is contagious, it means there is a flow of energy and the background emotions start resonating subconsciously into the observer. Precisely notice the emotions which evoke when you look at these two pictures, try to look beyond the facial expressions, hairstyle, clothes, make-up or other objects. Basically, try to concentrate on your picture. You will be amazed at the observations.
We are born to live in happiness. Our birth is not for being tortured by man-made Diseases. Today we have forgotten the art and essence of smiling and being happy. We have allowed stress to take over the commercial lives we are leading. And this mistake has given birth to thousands of lifestyle disorders and diseases. The disease represents only the reverse state of real happiness. 
Like we talk about Human Rights, Child Rights, Women Rights, Employees Rights, even Animal Rights; its now time to talk about our own Happiness Rights. If not publicly, then at least mentally within ourselves each day. Holistic health and happiness are truly our birth-rights, the right to be genuinely happy from the core of our heart. No one else is responsible for our happiness, it cannot be lost at fault of others and neither can anyone prevent us from being happy. The responsibility is ours only.
When we genuinely smile it’s not only the face which smiles but the whole body. The chemistry of our body transforms almost instantly provoking each cell of our body to participate in this joyful and blissful experience of happiness. The aura of the person expands and streams of positive emotions are experienced by those in the surrounding. That is how happiness becomes contagious. 
Let’s reclaim our birth-rights! Keep Smiling! Stay Healthy! Live Yoga!

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