The Guru Within

GURU: Gu means darkness and Ru means destroyer. Thus, GuRu is someone who is the destroyer of darkness and thus brings light into our being. Guru empowers our existence by molding us to fulfill our purpose.
However, the guru can only act as a signpost, showing us the path which would be suitable for our evolution. He can only guide us about the upcoming journey and to some extent equip us with appropriate tools. He may further choose to train us on when and how to use these tools and teach us the process of optimizing the resources. This was broadly the purpose of Gurukuls in ancient India.
Once equipped and trained we would have to start our own journey based on the learning retained. The guru may not be present in physical form but he still remains within us. As long as we follow the teachings taught, the guru remains alive by guiding through his teachings.
When the teachings are practiced consistently with full faith, the power of the same teachings multiplies day by day. As we see the results, we would realize that the tools and teachings we were equipped with, have miraculously transformed the same monotonous difficult life into an adventurous journey full of opportunities. They help us to build a perspective and purpose in our life.
That’s the beauty of the endless journey of self-exploration. Live the teachings!

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