Unlocking The Secrets Of Wellness

“So many of us are leading a limited life
not because we have to 
but because we think we have to.”

The Secrets of Wellness

From our childhood whatever we have been learning has been shaping our belief system. Every teaching, every experience and every thought has been creating a certain pattern. A pattern so deeply engraved into our sub-conscious that we don’t even realize its existence anymore. Stress and Diseases are part of such patterns we have created.

Last few years, I have been researching various methodologies on unlocking these patterns which define our personality and our existence. To unlock is important if we desire to change certain patterns. Good Health is a major concern for majority of humans in this planet. No other species is as worried about their healthcare as humans. This brings in a lot of curiosity to identify those lifestyle patterns we have created over the last few decades giving birth to a global epidemic.

Key Findings

One of the key findings is the ancient Indian system of Automating Health. Based on my learning, I started creating new patterns for myself. Lifestyle Patterns which would help me lead a disease-free life. More importantly, a system which would give me lifelong Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

“Universe has gifted us with Infinite Powers and learning the Laws of Nature is the ultimate solution for a disease-free and successful life.”

The Science of Classical Yoga, the wisdom of Ayurveda and the art of re-connecting with Nature revealed me the secrets of eternal wellness. I was able to heal my body and mind. I was able to release various toxins creating ill health, miseries and misfortune. I have designed a detailed system which can be followed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Cosmic Abundance Hub

After years testing and teaching this System of Wellness, I wanted to help the global audience. Cosmic Abundance Hub is a community-based platform for people to enhance their lifestyle habits and sub-conscious patterns thus living a life of fulfillment.

It is basically for three types of people: 

  • Firstly, People who are Healthy and want to continue highest state of well-being for lifetime.
  • Secondly, People who are suffering from stressful lifestyle/diseases and desire to find a complete natural cure.
  • Thirdly, People who are seeking to achieve desired Wealth and Prosperity

The training program is divided into two parts: Conceptual Understanding and Implementation Challenges. This is further supported by Weekly Live Webinars and Private Interactive Groups.

I invite you, your family and friends to be a part of this community and create abundance for everyone around.

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To your abundance…

Sumit Upreti, 
Cosmic Abundance Coach

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