Top Five Incurable Diseases

When I started Wellness Coaching, I was curious to find the major diseases affecting the life of millions of people. And what would be more reliable source than statistics published by World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to the statistics, I was more surprised by the fact these diseases has been blatantly accepted as incurable.

As per WHO, Chronic diseases cause increasing numbers of deaths worldwide. Ischaemic heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive lung disease and lower respiratory infections have remained the top killers during the past decade. According to Global Health Estimates 2016, 40% of deaths worldwide were caused by these Five Chronic diseases only.


Believe me, It's a LIE...

The biggest reason that I started Wellness Coaching is this. Each of these Chronic Diseases says Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured. So in reality there isn’t any permanent cure in modern medicine for Chronic Diseases responsible for over 40% of Deaths worldwide. This has been a widely accepted fact.

The question is should we accept this as a fact and prepare for the worse, or can we control our health destiny. In my next blog Curing The Incurable, I will explain how we can protect our self from falling into the trap of modern lifestyle diseases.

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