Do you really need Food?

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Food: Is it necessary?

Eating is considered an essential part of our survival. We eat food to give nutrition to our body which acts as a fuel for our day to day actions. This is not entirely true. Over the last few decades, modern scientific researches and global industrialization has over complicated our understanding and usage of Food. Today we look at food as a product or commodity with Calories.

The ancient yogis or civilizations must have never bothered about how much fats, carbohydrates or proteins are present in any type of food they consumed. This is probably the reason they lived with much healthier & stronger body along with quality stress-free life.

Here is a broad categorization of various food patterns or lifestyle choices we must all know about and see how we can use the science of eating for an improved lifestyle. As we go from Left to Right, The quantity of food consumed decreases. This simplifies the the complexity of digestion and allows our body to harness the nutrients and energies easily.

Science of Eating Less

Remember that the less we eat, the more our body detoxifies naturally. Nature has designed us in a way we must all detoxify each day and night, thus never really falling sick or diseased. Only if we start to re-educate ourself with the ancient ways of living a super healthy lifestyle, can we get out of this deadly network of diseases.

People who do not eat take nutrition from Cosmic Energy. They are called Breatharian. The less you eat the higher you can raise your body vibrations. Higher the vibrations, healthier are your body cells. Healthier body cells, higher immunity power and resistance to diseases.

Research shows that, while it sounds odd, animals that are kept at a low calorie level over their lifetimes will live longer and have a lower chronic disease burden — especially the diseases people typically get as they grow older. 

“Higher the body vibrations, Healthier are your body cells.”

We need food to survive is a myth. According to Yogic Science, We eat food to extract Prana shakti. This prana is available in abundance in our surroundings- Sunlight, Water, Air… Ancient yogis were harnessing these cosmic energies through various breathing patterns, meditative disciplines and nature connected lifestyle. Honestly, modern science will take a few more decades to develop equipment to measure Cosmic Energies and analyse their impact on human body and life. Till then, let’s follow what our ancient rishis have already researched and gifted us thousands of years back with wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda and other therapies…

How I heal myself every month?

Personally I loved trying: Vegan, Raw and Breatharian patterns in last three years since I started indulging into Yoga Therapies and Naturopathy Diets. Various fasting therapies help us to detoxify within 3-5 days. In the ashram, we had 5 days of full detoxification program with multiple layers of fasting. Fasting helps burn more fat, reduce inflammation and increases mental abilities besides many more benefits.

Remember, there is more to fasting than just not eating food. Its not about the technique but the process and the environment we create which brings out the intended results. If you are interested in naturally healing within 30 days, join my wellness coaching programs. I assure you will be renewed at cellular level within next 30 days.

Let me know which combination you are using most to live healthy. Share this blog with those who need to seriously consider their food choices to live a healthy life.

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