An inward journey of transformations by Miloni Mishra

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“I was blessed by the Gods for they made our paths meet”

(This is a blog written by Miloni Mishra sharing her experiences (anubhavas) from 30 Days Cosmic Transformation Challenge.)

Joining Sumit ji is like starting an inward journey of many transformations. I on my part had joined with just the expectation to learn something new, but I got back loads and loads of abundance for a lifetime.

The deep insights which the course provides are worth appreciating. Starting from the basic food, sleep, wake, bathing pattern to higher order thinking on life- death and beyond. It inspires, it teaches, it creates awe and a thirst for more.

Having a Simplicity centric life is more easier said than done. Most of us complicate situations, through our thoughts and belief systems. And therefore in the difficult world of today, living with a simple mind-set and life-style is something not many can achieve. To know the beauty in simple living is what we discover here through learning by doing. When the digestive systems get cleared, when the blockages in hearts gets eased, when the hairfall stops and when the smiles begin, we know that these simple ways of life have created the magic, and that too without any trick. The importance of having simple food, raw foods, chewing your food right, the necessity of making basic life style changes for a more routine life, sleeping early, getting up early, such things which we did not give a second thought to, but which were affecting our health and well-being were the changes which we make.

Again the techniques that we learn through the course have its effectiveness through the level of conscious thinking we do behind it. The simple techniques when practiced regularly have encouraging impacts on the body. More consciously we increase our self awareness through practice, the better results we can get from what we learn. With an increase in self-awareness and consciousness, humans easily get more connected to their spiritual sides. And that is when we start asking the questions that matters in our lives.

The clarity of thought that we achieve through yogic practice (mind it, I am not speaking of yoga practice) is that which takes us closer to getting answers to many of the questions of our lives, and that too without any external being giving the answers, it is that which come from within. Yes, this seems like a miracle, and these are little miracles we start facing everyday in our daily lives. And that is when the abundance comes in. We start thinking positive, we surround ourselves with positive people and we speak abundance. And slowly we start believing that our lives can turn only for the better from here on.

When we follow a certain method put forward by the ‘Guru’, the body detoxifies and the body system gets cleansed. When the ‘Guru’ energy and the group energy flow, following strict regimes also becomes easier. We break our own belief that we will never be able to do a certain thing, or that it is a very difficult task to take up, because, we do start doing it easily. The impossible becomes possible.

The benefits of yogic lifestyle flow to the mind, body and spirit. The positive physical changes in the body, the reduction in ailments, disease, stress and illness become obvious after some time of regular practice and off-course without any support of medications.

When we get connected to ourselves from within, we start connecting to nature and surroundings and the world around more easily. This in turn increases self-awareness and the cycle gets repeated. Gently we are guided towards connectedness with the cosmic, the universe.

When humans become a part of the whole, looking at ourselves not as individuals but as significant fractions of the entire system, we start giving. Then sharing and caring becomes a part of us, because we understand that the more we give, the more it is that we get. When your inner being gets more peaceful, your mind and body will flow with love and that will bring all the difference. Also the sense of gratitude flows from our hearts for all beings, past-present-future, living and non-living. And the power of practicing gratitude cannot be lesser emphasized.

Through this beautiful inward looking journey, we are gently guided in the process from living a gross life towards a more refined life by our beloved ‘Guru’.

“May there be abundance, may there be love, may there be hope and the blessings of Gods from above”.

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