The Guru Shall Come

How am I to know? Where can I find a Guru?
“There is no question of you running after a guru. The guru comes to us. Never can a disciple go to a guru. Its all drama: And then I went to the Himalayas, and there I saw the Guru sitting under a tree…”
“Guru always comes to you. Its something like the bees coming to the flower. The flowers need not go in search of the bees. Without the bees, their life is not fulfilled. In order to pollinate the flower, the bees are necessary. But the flower need not worry about it.”
You know no bee has come, now why should I Open? I won’t open until bee comes.
Bee comes and stands there, then I will open up.
“O flower, you stay there;
dance to the breeze and open up
and in the warmth of the sun dance there.”
But then there are no bees
“Bees will come”
How are you so sure?
“It is the universal law, No flower has ever been opened up and didn’t get the change to get pollinated. Every flower will get a chance.”
Supposing there is a single flower in the mountain, and alone there and
nobody there how will the bee go there.
“Naturally if the local bees cannot go there. Narayana will go there.
As a bee, he will have to come, pollinate and go back.”
(~Swami Chinmayananda)

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