Life and A piece of Puzzle



I see life as a set of pieces of a giant puzzle. A puzzle with all the pieces scattered around the globe and the Universe.

Each day is an opportunity to simplify this ever-expanding puzzle. Each moment is an occasion to put the pieces together.

Are all the pieces pre-designed? Are we supposed to just find and collect the scattered pieces? Is that the purpose of life?

“What you seek is seeking you!” This reminds us that we are the creators of our destiny. So there might be some pre-designed templates of life which we attract by default. If we put no or little efforts we attract the universal default. And indeed we must enjoy the surprise each piece holds. They are there for a reason which must be explored.

The puzzle of life is never complete and there is always a missing piece.

Nevertheless, We also possess the power to create a new piece of design each day. We have the potential to design the interlocking of each piece to fit into our present world. This is the true power of consciousness.

So even if some things are not as we expected them to be, some habits beyond our control, some dreams beyond our reach, some people not fitting our design, we still hold a chance. A chance to recreate the next piece. A chance to change the dynamics of the previous pieces. A chance to revolutionize the whole puzzle.

The fair part is that Life is impartial. Nobody knows the whole picture. The puzzle of life is never complete and there is always a missing piece.

“When we can’t put together the puzzle of our life, remember the best view of the puzzle is from above. Let him help you put together.”

That’s, one perspective of LIFE we can all explore and play around.

Life is a puzzle, Solve it. Experience it. Cherish it.

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