Himalayan Retreat in Tirthan Valley

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October 25th to October 31st, 2021

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” Himalayan Retreat with Sumit Upreti”

(Blog Experience shared by my student: Chhayal Bharambe a software engineer from Mumbai)

This retreat was time of transformation, growth, and learning for me!

In this journey, the universe had some Droid Blaze (APK Download Website) best moments and realizations planned including healthy food, US Cup pure nature & high vibrations. It was my first time to step out of my house with only one strong intention on the 24th, a complete transformation in myself with this journey of Himalayan retreat.

Let’s have a glance at the major events and lessons from them.

Day 01
Meeting My Cosmic Family

We were supposed to meet at Majnu ka tila to board our bus to tirthan valley. Meeting everybody on the stop felt like I knew everybody already. Download Waves 13  Every person was filled with positivity and happiness, ready for the journey together.

My Cosmic family

Day 02
The serene resort

 We reached the Camp Himalayan resort by 10 am. What a place! Cottages, lawn, meditation hall, conference hall surrounded with greenery, flowers, fruits, grass, the whole pure nature! Wherever the eyesight goes, it was green and only green!  feature-rich The resort was situated in the middle, surrounded by mountains from everywhere. Just imagine, if you are in a resort which is immediately next to a clean, flowing river! 

Camp Himalayan Resort, Tirthan Valley
Tirthan River, next to the Camp Himalayan Resort

There was a tirthan river right next to the resort. Just standing at that place made me feel like I am in mother nature’s safe arms & she is blessing me with all the love I always dreamed of. We settled ourselves in the rooms, roamed around the resort and river for a while. Just sitting at the side of the river was so peaceful. There I realized one thing, It is so important to be like a river. Whatever obstacles come, just make the way from the sides & keep flowing.

    After a healthy lunch and rest, we had an introduction session. Everybody shared their stories and experiences, which was a big learning for a person like me who is just starting in the journey of life. The introduction session helped me to be more clear about the goal I wanted to achieve in this retreat. 

    After dinner, we went for a walk on the nearby mountain. I thought we were just going for a walk until sir told us to switch off the torches and look above. It was the sky, full of stars! A real treat to the eyes. It was like abundant pearls were spread in the black water. A scene to be remembered for a lifetime. After a fulfilling experience of sky gazing, we came back for the evening session. Evening sessions made me realize the importance of healthy food and energy consciousness about everything. We can really make a big shift in our life if we shift our mindset consciously about the cosmic energies.

Sky-gazing experience

Day 03
Morning healing sessions & Forest walk

    The day started with the yoga and cosmic healing session by Sumit sir. Each and every yoga session always has something new to learn, realize and explore. Understanding the yog, learning the Asanas and kriyas, meditations with consciousness rather than just exercising. I have been part of his sessions before too, but in retreat, yoga sessions with the group energy was a very inspiring experience. In every morning session, I was experiencing a new part of myself. When we are aware of what and why we are doing, and we are surrendered to nature and guru energy, we start finding the missing pieces of life, what was exactly happening with me. In those deep meditations, I was getting aware of lots of my subconscious thoughts.          

    After breakfast, we all went for the forest walk around the resort. One thing I learned in the forest walk, respect nature! What you give to it, comes back to you. So always respect nature, let it be a single plant at your home. Walking through the forest with pine and other trees, with a river flowing at the side was such a fulfilling experience. In the world of pollution everywhere, I felt I was lucky to breathe such clean, pure, oxygenated air in the mountains.

View from the forest side, Gushaini

    After experiencing the nearby forest, we came back to the resort for the next super experience, the self-introspection session. All the introspection sessions for 3 days were a big shift in the mindset for me. Those made my thoughts clear about goals, direction, and current hurdles of life. 

    After dinner, it was time for the bonfire! Harnessing the fire energy in the cold environment made me realize the importance of fire. We all have that fire element in ourselves that digests our food. Again realized, the human body is nature’s wonder and felt grateful to the universe. Singing, dancing, and meditating on fire in the bonfire was a wonderful experience indeed.

Day 04
Cosmic Meditation at Jalori pass

    The trekking day! 

    We all started with the morning yoga and cosmic healing sessions learned the ways for emotional cleaning of past experiences and traumas. We completed the session followed by a healthy breakfast and got ready for the jalori pass. We reached 10280 ft. above sea level and started trekking. At this height, oxygen levels are low. That day I realized what was the meaning of being mountain fit. All the pranayam, yoga, and energy consciousness we practiced helped us to reach there successfully. All the hard work paid off when we reached the top of that hill to see the view there. We were above the clouds, above the other mountains, experiencing the never-before vibrations at the top. I meditated there on the top of a hill. That experience was the strongest memory of the retreat for me. I understood the meaning of feeling nature which I felt there, fulfilled, satisfied, accepted, surrendered, and loved. I left that mountain with a strong thought in my mind, visiting it again.

Jalori Pass
Our Cosmic Family, at Jalori Pass

    We returned to the starting point and headed towards Jibhi waterfall. The clean and pure water of the waterfall was a very soothing experience after a trek. We returned to the resort. After taking some rest, we had another introspection session, again an eye-opener session. After gaining more consciousness about our thoughts, we had dinner and went for a rest.

Day 05
Cold River Bath and Self-introspection

    A day to test the strength of our minds! 

    Morning yoga sessions added the knowledge and awareness about the meditation followed with doubt solving sessions which were so needed at that time. When we are in the learning process of new things, we always have some questions which need to be answered. There, the guru energy, the mentor helps us to get more clarity on it. A doubt-solving session gave me clarity on lots of questions and confusion. After the morning yoga session, we discussed the yantras and organic farming in the morning sunlight, harnessing the energy of the sun. The jal-neti experience was also very refreshing. I realized our ancient culture has a solution for everything, we just need to understand and surrender to it.

    After breakfast, we went to dive in the river. That was the task! It was already cold weather, and we were going into almost icy cold water to dive in. Learning to activate the body heat before going into that icy cold water was very important. All the group energy motivated me to try that at least once. I am super happy that I tried to dive in the tirthan river at the resort side. I did dive in the river! After diving, the sense of accomplishment was out of the world. I felt like the river had taken all my fears, traumas, insecurities and made me pure by my soul. That experience was only for a few seconds but had a very strong impact on me. 

Cold River Bath, Tirthan River

    We freshened up, had lunch, and spent the rest of the time resting, self-exploration, and experiences sharing. In the evening, the last introspection session gave a whole new dimension to my thoughts and mindset. The best session to the date. I felt like I had conquered the biggest obstacle of my life. With a goal in mind, we were ready for last night in the resort with the bonfire again! All of us, the happy, cheerful, satisfied souls with pure hearts had a great time in the bonfire enjoying and dancing, with the soothing sounds of rivers and wind in the background, under the sky full of stars. That sky was giving me the love and power which I always dreamt of. Making me believe in the words to sir, surrender to nature, the universe, and everything best will happen in your life. The last night in the tirthan valley, Himachal Pradesh was one of the experiences to be cherished for a lifetime.

Bonfire experience

Day 06
Cherish every moment

    The day arrived, to go into our lives again to achieve the goals we planned. The morning yoga session was a meditation experience like never before. That session was one of the deepest meditation experiences I felt. I realized, in these 5 days, I have learned and grown at a miraculous pace. 

    The yoga session was followed by one-on-one sessions by Sumit sir which gave me the rest of the answers to my problems. I surrendered my problems to guru energy to guide me through life. I felt grateful to the universe at that time that it made me experience all the group and guru energy. Trust me, the universe always has the best plans for you. 

    We had lunch, followed by a graduation ceremony. Receiving the certificate of completion was a proud and emotional moment for me at the same time. After having the ceremony, we were supposed to head out of the resort. 

Graduation Ceremony, Himalayan retreat

    One of the biggest lessons of the retreat was there. We need to practice detachment from everything if we want to keep moving forward in life. Keeping all the lessons, learnings, and memories in the mind, Keeping all the satisfaction, affection, and love in our heart, we always should move forward without getting attached to a person or place. Going forward is a way of growing towards your goals. After saying goodbye to all of the greenery, river, flowers, and people there, we headed back to our homes for the next journey of our life.

     In this whole journey of nature, I found myself. My goal to attend the retreat was to find a direction and to heal, and I feel grateful to the universe, this did happen! 

     Nature made it happen! Group energy and guru energy made it happen!

     Every moment was a moment of Truth for me in the whole journey. Special mention to the efforts of providing healthy and pure food. Food and surroundings are an important part of our life, we need to be conscious about what we are eating, drinking & breathing. Going to the Himalayas has always been in my dreams, I completed my dream. I am super happy and motivated for my next journey with Sumit sir & with Cosmic Abundance Hub.

     Thank you universe for making this happen.

     Thank you so much Sumit Upreti sir for the opportunity and guidance.

     Thank you to all the members of the retreat, you were like an extended family. Every person was a human book, I have learned a lot from everyone.

      Thank you Tushar and deep, we had amazing learnings, discussions, and fun together.

Let’s meet for the next retreat.

May God bless us all, thank you, and all the best!


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