It’s time to sow!

Everything has a season. A season to sow. A season to reap. A season to embrace. And a season to let go. July is the season of rains across India with south-west monsoon from Arabian Sea hitting the Indian subcontinent at its peak. From my childhood, this change of seasons has always fascinated me. The fragrance of the first rains touching the parched lands; the blossoming of flowers, trees and weeds; and the joy of simply watching the drizzle. It acts as reminder from nature that nothing is permanent. What is dry must become wet, what is barren must turn fertile.
Everything which exist has to transform to survive and that which refuses must perish. Perish just to be born again, transformed.
With eyes in the sky and feets on the ground, we wait for the showers to cherish us around. Farmers across the country wait for this time to sow the seeds of Kharif Crop (Summer Crop). Seeds are sown to germinate into plants, soon to be harvested as crops. “You reap what you sow” is a common saying promising the results of one’s endeavors. Only when you sow the right seeds within the right time, would you be able to reap in due time.
However, this may not always be absolutely true. And most often we are unable to accept this reality that there are numerous external factors beyond our control and imagination. Quantity of rains, intensity of sunlight, quality of soil and seeds, amount of fertilizers and pesticides, time of harvest and many more; every minute thing matters. The results get modified depending on the surrounding environment. Yet, hardwork does pay off. You may not get a bumper crop each season, but one thing is assured whatever you reap, if used judiciously, will at least lead you to the next season.

And if you are not much happy with what you are reaping today, think about what did you sow last season. Present is the future of the past and future depends on the present.
Let’s face it, What am I sowing today??

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