Are you servicing your vehicle regularly?

Automobile sector in India is thriving year on year. Production of automobiles increased at a CAGR of 9.4% over FY06-16. Being one of the largest auto industry in the world, it accounts for 7.1% of country’s GDP. The two-wheeler segment is the leader with 81% market share owing to growing middle class or young population and the overall passenger vehicle has 13% market share.

With increased production the demand for servicing and repairing industry also flourishes. It must be noted that automobile manufacturers have educated their consumers to perform periodic servicing of vehicles. In fact, there is a pre-scheduled servicing booklet provided at the time of purchase, as a reminder for upcomingservices. Regular and on-time servicing is given emphasis as it has direct impact on the functioning of the vehicle.

Companies have been investing heavily to reach customers even at remote locations, to ensure seamless services and minimizing inconvenience. Seamlessness helps people to keep moving without breaking down mid-way. The least a rider would want is to breakdown in the middle of a dessert or a high mountain and with no visible help (even mobile network). Well tragedies cannot be avoided but precautions definitely can prevent apprehended mishaps.

Basic servicing involves verification and fixing of loose-ends in the network of wires connecting different components of the vehicle. Lubricating multiple joints and friction points. Thorough cleansing of air filters which cleans the air before using it for burning the fuel. Extraction of exhausted engine oil and replenishing it with fresh oil, boosting the power of engine. Air pressure of tires is regulated. Finally, vehicle is washed and cleansed followed by polishing for a shiny surface.

The style of usage decides the frequency and thoroughness of servicing required for each vehicle. The ultimate purpose of servicing is to increase the efficiency, prolong the life of vehicle and minimize the environmental pollution. Most bike and car enthusiasts are aware of this simple process and invest regularly into this activity primarily because they understand its importance.

Interestingly our human body works in quite similar way and indeed is ONLY vehicle for lifetime. The nerves, arteries and veins act as wires connecting various organs transmitting information and blood. Multiple joints help us to move, bend, swing and rotate with ease. Our lungs are air purifiers filtering oxygen which is lifeline for billions of our body cells. Our digestive system works hard to convert the chemical energy by food consumed into kinetic energy enabling us to function.

Although, we all maintain external hygiene with regular bathing, brushing, latest cosmetics and clothes (which is essentially the last leg of servicing motor vehicles), however, we rarely pay any attention to servicing our internal organs which are actually running the show. One need to understand that unlike motor vehicles human body never really stops working, even while we are sleeping. There are multiple processes running round the clock just for us to keep moving and not break-down. Thus, it becomes all the more crucial to regularly service this 24×7 machine.

It’s not something external that glows, 
it’s how you are inside that reflects outside.

It is necessary to adopt healthy preventive measures for servicing our body. The earlier in life we start the better results we gain. Be careful that just learning or knowing something doesn’t really help, we need to perform and practice it regularly to actually gain the benefits. Normal physical exercise is one such option which helps in lubricating our joints, increasing flexibility, strengthening our bones and muscles. However, we may miss out thorough cleansing of our internal organs like our arteries, veins, heart, lungs, kidneys, multiple abdominal organs and even minute cells. Also, modern sedentary and lethargic lifestyle where everything is just a click or button away demands revitalization. 

YOGA is by far the most advanced yet ancient technology in the world which has the potential to perform comprehensive head-to-toe servicing of a human body. The result oriented techniques when performed in right manner under the guidance of right teacher can truly transform one’s life. Isn’t it obvious when you would realize the right balance in body, mind and emotions; the non-stop ride of this life will become smoother, pleasant and ever exciting.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late. Invest your time and money wisely into yoga. Let’s get our vehicles for this lifetime serviced starting today on International Yoga Day 2017.

Keep Smiling! Stay Healthy! Live Yoga!

Sumit performing Dhanur Asana (Bow Pose)

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