SUCCESS – A realistic dream

We are creating history each passing day. The quest to acquire success doesn’t even let us sleep. But can we really grab success. How far is it? How much time will it take? How many more days, months or years? And when it will finally arrive, will I be able to identify it? Will I be able to quantify, if this success is sufficient for me? Is there an end of this ongoing quest?

We achieve goals not success. Because success is mere interpretation of the circumstances. If results are in favor as we expected them to be we say we are successful. And if results oppose to what we expected, we say we failed i.e. we are unsuccessful. Setting right expectations is thus essential. Failures are often delusional, demotivating, stressful and distracts us from end goals. But what if we change the equation – “I have successfully failed” or “My failures define my success”. Making failures a part of our success statement and embracing them with open arms. Maybe with this perspective life will become more adventurous. It will certify each experience as a stepping stone towards our end goals. So in future, when we would look back into our present, we would have a series of memorable landmarks in the journey of our life to reflect on. Oscar Wilde said “No man is rich enough to buy back his past”. Indeed, no money can ever buy time, especially the time from our history. Instead we are trading our present hoping to empower our future success. Yet the success is always miles away.

What if we try to make each day a successful day? This will give us an opportunity to include a variety of goals into our success list. Instead of just focusing on one or two long term goals to be considered as success, we can start to focus on smallest of small tasks we do each day. When we will achieve them we will be happier and satisfied with ourselves. From reaching office on time; to reading favorite novel; to bringing a smile on a sad face; to performing to best of our abilities in professional and personal work; to following a healthy diet and lifestyle; to giving fair time to family & friends. Every small action can be converted into a selfless task which we can earnestly strive to succeed on a daily basis. And if we are successful most of the days in a month, we are sure to have a successful month followed by a successful year and eventually a successful life.

“Each day is an opportunity to create a successful history just for myself. Success is no more a dream but an everyday reality. And who else can be a better judge for my life other than me.”

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