Cosmic Health Mastery

Learn the proven secrets of mastering your health LIVE in Mumbai, India

Event Highlights:

Intensive Toxins Loss

Scientific Techniques to prevent & release toxins from BMS: Body, Mind and Soul.

Advanced Aura Cleansing

Powerful techniques to remove energy blockages from 12 areas of your life

Full Colon Cleansing

Proven processes to reduce weight, remove allergies and regenerate unhealthy organs.

Cosmic Healing Therapies

Exclusive therapies to heal your 5 bodies and 7 energy centres.

Emotional Strength

To build stability, strength and stamina for 100+ years of super healthy life.

Personal Health Masterplan

To get step by step Personalised Health Masterplan for next 3 months

LIVE Event Dates:

23 to 26 December 2021
at Panvel, Mumbai

Life Transforming Retreats

Join us for an exclusive deep immersion. We will go deep into the ancient secrets of self healing with our Cosmic Health Mastery program. This course has transformed hundreds of lives already and has given us many miraculous stories. These four days are going to change your life...

Gujarat Retreat

Himalayan Retreat

Tranformation Stories


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