My Journey

– My Mission –

Sumit Upreti

Cosmic Wellness Coach & Mountaineer

“Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about Creating your own SELF.”

I help people shift their family’s energies from illness to wellness. In Corporate world, STRESS is the biggest obstacle we all stumble upon. It has been proven as the Root Cause of all DISEASES.

Six years back i set off on a journey to find the permanent solution for a super healthy life. A life not dependent on doctors, medicines and hospitals. A purposeful life beyond just survival. A lifestyle which could bring me lifelong Health, Peace and Prosperity.

After having found the COSMIC secrets of living a super healthy life for myself; I am helping people around the world live a life of cosmic abundance. To build an army of Super Humans.

Hi, I am Sumit  Upreti and I would like share with you my higher purpose and mission:

1) To build an army of Super Humans with magical cosmic powers to heal the world

2) To give back to the world by helping people realize their true potential and unlock the magic of cosmic healing.

3) To educate and empower every human on this planet master the art of Deep Meditations with Daily Cosmic Miracles

I truly appreciate the fact that you are here.

And I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because I value your time here. Because I value you.

And for that I would like to share a little about myself

I was born and brought up in a middle class family in New Delhi, India.

During my school days i used to struggle with my academics.

I was more of right brain oriented child (Creative Mind) and less of left brain orientation (Logical Mind).

But our education system is majorly left brain focused. And i was always trying to fit in.

After MBA from a reputed institute, I was selected at INFOSYS, a leading Information Technology (IT) Company.

“Selected” because very few of us get to really choose the opportunities in life.

I was a Functional Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies advising on their Business Automation.

Life was going on well until I realized “running the rat race” was costing me my real life.

Nothing was fulfilling. I was searching the true purpose of my life.

In year 2015, I found myself as a victim of Corporate Lifestyle Stress.

I started feeling heart burning sensations and painful hunger attacks. I ignored it for a few months, like we all do.

My health started deteriorating and one day I landed at a hospital.

I underwent Endoscopy and I was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux.

I was told by the doctor that this disease is INCURABLE.

I would have to take medicines for the rest of my life and undergo endoscopy every few years.

When you say this to a person who has never liked to take a Disprin or Crocin, this becomes a Life Emergency.

I was surprised with both myself and the modern medical system.

Surprised with myself because I was trying my best to live an active sporty lifestyle, controlled diet and work life balance. But still I became victim of a deadly disease and many more to follow.

Surprised with the modern medicine because there every chronic disease is incurable. One must become a lifetime customer of medicines.

After years of Stressful corporate journey and constantly deteriorating health, I started seeking for some Real Solutions.

I dared to CURE the INCURABLE.

I still remember the day looking up into the sky from my twelfth floor terrace. I passionately asked universe : “Tell me, What should I do so that I never have to see a doctor again?”

The Seed of Consciousness

Universe responded. I somehow found an ancient Indian Ashram teaching Classical Yoga.

I started to re-educate myself.

I decided to invest in my Creative abilities.

University learning were not enough to live a fulfilling and healthy life I now wanted.

I took sabbatical from my job and studied full-time for Six months in traditional Gurukulam – guru-shishya parampraya.

Fortunately, it was not just a Fifty years old Ashram but a Yogic Life Research Center.

I was privileged to study under my guru and renowned personality in yoga world Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani working as a professional Medical Doctor.

Scientific research papers are being published for decades on Yoga Therapies and practices after experimenting on thousands of patients.

The intense training at gurukulam, transformed my personality and developed a new perspective for new life.

24×7 Residential Training for nearly 180 days was indeed a “Journey of Lifetime“.

From IT Consulting to Wellness Coaching

My interest, passion and dedication to study deeper aspects of ancient Yogic Science and alternative healing therapies encouraged me to switch from the corporate IT career.

I pursued Masters of Science in Yoga & Naturopathy to explore University teachings of Yogic Science.

I then started to travel all across India. I was practicing and teaching Cosmic Healing and learning from diverse cultures.

My Yoga Travels helped me understand the need to teach simple practices of Cosmic Healing to solve over complicated life challenges of modern man.

Social Impact

I then started volunteering with various NGOs helping people find cure to physical and mental disorders.

I was lucky to be appointed as a Secretary for an NGO working with patients suffering from incurable chronic diseases.

Everyday I had some truly humbling experiences specially counselling Cancer Patients.

I realized the more I helped others, the more I could see myself growing as a person – getting more mature in my understanding of life and my purpose.

Mountain Adventures

I always desired to live close to nature.

And here again the cosmos manifested it for me.

I found about Trekking and Mountaineering.

I decided to re-invest in my education and professionally study Trekking and Mountaineering.

I truly believe in exploring the challenges and possibilities of life.

The Himalayas were the perfect destination to reconnect with nature and cosmos.

Mountaineering is indeed a real test of one’s physical and mental capabilities.

Its was only in the pure nature that I realized the unlimited potential of nature’s therapeutic powers.

I started to experiment my yogic learning from ashram during my treks and expeditions.

And i was amazed with miraculous healing results.

Nature Treks & Retreats

Life should be an exciting adventure. Just like a trek.

Soon I was teaching cosmic secrets during self-exploratory Nature Treks for Adventure lovers.

I was supporting Therapeutic Retreats for Health seekers.

I ensured my retreats must educate people of ancient lifestyle techniques.

The process of automating Health, Wealth & Prosperity.

Spiritual life and Personal Development

I am a firm believer of living a life which is simple and productive.

Cosmic Healing is all about simplification.

Being a ‘minimlist’ at the core, I really don’t own too many things and live in a home where I have less, and do more.

I believe each one of us has gifted talents and we just need the right mentors and right environment to nurture and prosper.

As much as i respect people, I equally respect nature, animals, plants, planets and the whole cosmos.

Cosmic Abundance Hub

After three years for intense research and experimentation, I decided to shift gears.

I decided to get into global coaching as a Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur.

Transforming lives through my own digital courses.

Courses which ANYONE could attend ANYWHERE in the world at ANYTIME.

I created a community of spiritual seekers and designed a digital coaching platform.

It is known as “Cosmic Abundance Hub”.

I wanted to create a process which is simple and effective and can be followed by anyone.

“Cosmic Healing Blueprint” was thus born after coaching over hundreds of people around the world.

The idea is to create  A Super Healthy Community Of Spiritual Seekers.

My Big Vision

I know I’m here to help you live an inspired life of abundance, create health, wealth and prosperity by doing what you love, by following your true calling and purpose in life, and in turn give back to the world, through gifts of your talents and abilities.

I really look forward to knowing more about you.

Let’s be in touch, follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Make sure you register for my Free webinars and stay in tune with what i am doing online and offline.

I truly feel that this journey of mine has given me a bigger purpose in life.

I’m here to carry forward yogic legacy of helping thousands of people live a better quality life.

I’m on a mission to build an army of Super Humans having magical cosmic powers to heal the world.

And I’m glad that you are here.

I would love to help you achieve your goals.

My roots are grounded in spirituality and minimalism.

If you are able to resonate with my vision, then let’s stay connected.

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me through this page.

Make sure you join my next workshop and meet me LIVE

Looking forward to meet you LIVE.

To your abundance,
Sumit Upreti

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